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10 Creative Future-Proof App Ideas

October 17, 2022 | Mobile App
10 Creative Future-Proof App Ideas

Why would we search for future-proof app ideas? Because apps have fully taken over the mobile market. Every business, from the smallest to the biggest, is developing a mobile app specifically for their business to attract more clients.

Not only that, but mobile apps have also become a solution for everything. Even though there is an app for everything, some app ideas still promise a better future.

Here are 10 creative and future-proof app ideas:

  • Lost items tracker app
  • Food donation app as a future-proof app idea
  • Tourists helper app
  • Co-working space finder app
  • Real-time car sharing app
  • Supermarket checkout app
  • Health monitoring app
  • All-in-one social media app
  • Parking spot finder app
  • Color blind recognize app
10 Creative Future-Proof App Ideas

1. Lost Items Tracker App

This is an excellent future-proof app idea for a mobile app, isn’t it? You can relate to this too. Many times, our items magically get lost, and when in a hurry, even though we need them, we can’t find them. Our smartphones are always in our hands, so a Lost Items Tracker App would be helpful. We can list the items we often lose, and when they go missing, we can find them through the app.

2. Food Donation App as a Future-Proof App Idea

There are a lot of social cause app ideas, but Food Donation App hits differently. A lot of people don’t have food to eat, and many others barely survive with only one meal per day, while on the other hand there are a lot of restaurants and caterers with a lot of extra food, all being wasted.

This app can be designed to guide restaurants to find people who have no food to eat. Other people can also use it to find restaurants that give away their extra food.

This way, we can help people in need and profit from the app in different ways. It’s in our hands to make the world a better place to live in!

3. Tourists Helper App

This app would be beneficial for travel lovers. When you visit a new place, you search for the best restaurant, food, museums, and shops, but you also want to get in touch with the locals. This app includes all of these. A Tourists Helper App can guide people’s journeys and make tourist’s life much easier.

4. Co-Working Space Finder App

The pandemic significantly changed the way people work. It moved the work from the office to home. Because of the lockdown, many companies have no choice left but to have employees work from home. But that continued after the pandemic too. And because of work flexibility, people can travel and take their work with them. That’s when Co-workers Space Finder App can be helpful.

With this app, you can find co-workers’ places in any city you go to. The app can include locations, facilities, WIFI-speed, membership plans, etc.

5. Real-Time Car Sharing App

Real-time car sharing will allow users to enlist their car on the app and put their destination where they are going. Other users on the app can also set their destination and find someone who goes in the same direction. Both users can find each other, share the car, and split costs.

6. Supermarket Checkout App

People go to supermarkets and scan the products they want to buy and then pay for them through integrated online payment options. That’s what this future-proof app idea would make possible.

Amazon launched Amazon Go, a checkout-free supermarket in some places. But more apps like that are welcomed!

7. Health Monitoring App

An app that will keep track of and monitor your health and automatically make appointments for your health check-ups. Healthcare apps can be a promising future and a worthy investment.

8. All-In-One Social Media App

The idea of this app is to put social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., on only one app. We can use the app to stay up to date with all the information and news feeds from all platforms we have added. 

9. Parking Spot Finder App

This mobile app can be used to find free parking spaces in your current location. The app could use GPS, webcams, and parking data. It sounds like a complicated project, but nothing’s impossible.

10. Color Blind Recognize App – Future-Proof App Idea

We all know color blindness is a common disability. People with this disability find it difficult to distinguish colors, mostly green and red. These two colors are essential, from traffic signals to grocery shopping and other needs. Even so, people often feel embarrassed to ask for help. So, this app can help them identify the colors and help them overcome this disability.

If you don’t try, you’ll never know!

Some of these app ideas may have already been developed, but you don’t always have to be innovative. If your app can offer more benefits and is better, there is a good chance that your app will be successful.

Also, plenty of future-proof app ideas aren’t yet on the market; you need the proper market research and start trying. If you don’t try, you’ll never know!

And if you want to test the app idea you have chosen, you can follow our guide on how to test a mobile app idea.

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