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6 Tips on How to Find New App Ideas

October 4, 2022 | Mobile App
tips on how to find new app ideas

The app development industry has been growing with huge steps lately. And not only that. Creating a new app can be a reflection on what has been missing. An app can ease people’s lives, a new app can be the future. 

But how do you know what is the finest app to form? How to discover innovative ideas? We can find many ideas in any moment, but to find the best idea is pretty challenging. 

There are a few simple ways to assist you overcome this trouble. 

Here are 6 basic tips on how to catch the perfect idea for your new app

  • Explore the trending apps on App Store
  • Listen to others: Attend seminars, conferences and meetups to generate original app ideas
  • Identify people’s headaches (or issues) and let your app idea be a solution
  • Take the worst ideas possible and transform them into a good one
  • Expand your imagination for the future
  • Consider automating repetitive tasks
how to find new app ideas

1. Explore the Trending Apps on App Store

Exploring on App store can lighten you up for some ideas. It’s an easy way to start searching for ideas, you can do it while chatting with your friends or watching a movie on TV. To get clearer ideas, start searching for apps that grab your attention and trending apps. Try to go through apps reviews and comments, to see what people most are interested in and what might be a nice app. The app store feedback for certain apps not only provides you with app ideas, but also shows you what the ideal app should look like. 

2. Listen to Others: Attend Seminars, Conferences and Meetups to Generate Original App Ideas

Listening to others many times can be helpful to find a solution for your problem. That’s why attending meetups, seminars or conferences can help you to develop the way you are thinking. You can get a lot of suggestions by listening to the experts. But even if your new ideas don’t pan out, you’ll undoubtedly gain inspiration from attending these events to keep moving forward. 

At Eagle IT every time we need new ideas, we hold a meeting with the team, and everyone gives their ideas, no matter how funny, absurd, or serious those ideas can be. Then we make a summary and connection of these ideas, and often the result is a super creative idea. 

3. Identify People’s Headaches (or issues) and Let Your App Idea be a Solution

If you still don’t have any idea on what your app would be, you have to think why you do it. In that case you can identify real world issues and solve them with an app idea. For example, talk to your friends, colleagues, or family, let them tell you what’s their biggest headache, what are they struggling with. Their issues can be your ideas and your ideas can be their solution. 

Once you find your audience, by going deeper and deeper into their issues, you can identify what eases their lives, and then you can find at least a hint for your app idea, which can be a solution-based idea. 

4. Take the Worst Ideas Possible and Transform them Into a Good One

To come up with new app ideas, it is a little bit struggling, especially when the best is already there. That’s why the method of thinking the worst idea possible is almost always useful. If you have thought of an idea, but it’s the worst possible, don’t worry. You can always transform the worst idea into the best one. It gives you motivation to make it better. As Leigh Bardugo quote says: “Anything worth doing always starts as a bad idea.” 

5. Expand your Imagination for the Future

If we want to be successful at what we do, we have to think what the next big thing could be. The app development industry is constantly growing and changing, so to catch up with the trends, we have to think about the future. To produce great things, work in presence by imagining the future. 

6. Consider to Automate Repetitive Tasks

When you start to think of an app idea, it’s good to keep in mind about automating manual tasks. Automating tasks can lead to productivity, making things easier for your targets, and saving them some time. By thinking how to assist your audience better, you can also come up with a good idea. 

At Eagle IT when we see that a customer does manual tasks that take time, we try to automate them. We had a client who took the employee hours from an hour tracking platform, exported them as CSV and imported them into the software we had built for him. Using the hour tracking platform API, we made automated connections and reduced a huge headache for him. 

Unleash your creativity

Use this article as a guide of how to come up with some good app ideas. By imagining the future, identifying people needs, listening to friends, colleagues, family, and professionals, thinking about making it easier for your audience and most importantly do a lot of research, can get you to the ideal idea you have been searching for so long.  

If you’ve already come up with an idea and you need a requirements document, this blog post about Mobile App Requirements Document can help you get started.

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