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8 Features a Successful Mobile App Must Have  

December 15, 2022 | Mobile App
8 Features a Successful Mobile App Must Have  

When you develop a mobile app, you expect it to succeed quickly and not wait for your app to be lost in a competitive market. So, to make sure your app survives and performs well, you need to invest. We are talking about investing in mobile app features that will make your app market ready. 

Here are 8 features a successful mobile app must have: 

  • Simplicity 
  • Fast-loading time 
  • Security 
  • Updates 
  • Search feature 
  • Push notifications 
  • User feedback 
  • Data caching  

1. Simplicity 

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Simplicity is the key to everything, and mobile apps are no exception. Nobody likes to use apps that are complex and hard to navigate. Apps are made to make people’s lives easier and not give them headaches while trying to learn how to use the app. 

Therefore, if your app is simple and easy to use, your target audience won’t have a reason to search for another similar app. Your app will be enough to solve their problems. 

2. Fast Loading Time 

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Along with simplicity, a fast-loading time is a characteristic feature a successful app must have. People get bored and annoyed when an app takes a long time to load. The loading time of an excellent mobile app shouldn’t be more than five seconds. If possible, the ideal time would be just two seconds. 

In addition, a fast and responsive app will lead to a better user experience and higher user retention. 

3. Security 

One of the essential requirements of a successful app is security. Nowadays, cybersecurity consideration in app development is lacking. When people use your app, they might put personal information there, such as credit card details or passwords. And if they are afraid that hackers can easily steal data through your app, it will make them abandon your app and not use it anymore. 

Thus, keep their data secure if you want to build confidence with your targeted audience. 

4. Updates 

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If you want your app to gain and remain popular, you need regular updates. People like new things, so provide them with them. You can make updates considering user needs and feedback. This way, your app will have continuous improvements. 

5. Search Feature 

It may sound unnecessary for some apps, but it’s an essential feature for most apps. If you want to provide your users with a great experience, include an in-app search feature, so they can quickly get through the product or services they want. It can be an advanced search feature that provides auto-suggestions or auto-correction when users start typing when searching for something. This way, everything in your app would be more accessible. 

6. Push Notifications 

One of the best features a successful mobile app must have are push notifications. They play a significant role in keeping users engaged in the app even when the phone is locked. It’s a simple and easy way to attract users to visit your app often. You can inform users about new updates, sales, offers, and news through push notifications. 

7. User Feedback 

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There will always be additional methods to improve your app and make it better. Asking the user directly is the best method to understand this. Feedback is a great method to hear what your customers want and filter that information into what needs to be added or removed, what can be done and what can be ignored. By including a feedback button on the app, you provide the user with the opportunity to suggest improvements. 

Moreover, keeping track of user feedback is one of the methods to measure your app’s success.

8. Data Caching 

With a data caching feature, your app can be able to save data on the device. A data caching feature necessity depends on the app, but if you want a successful app and more engagements, make sure your app is as usable as possible, even without an internet connection. For example, if you have an e-commerce app, you can make it possible for users to add items to the shopping bag when they’re offline, and once they get a connection, they can just click the buy button. In this case, you make it easier for the user to make a purchase. 

Wrapping Up

You, indeed, need to be creative to develop a mobile app. From the idea to the design, you need skills and creativity. But developing a successful app sometimes is much simpler than that. You just need to be aware of the critical mobile app features that can make a great app. 

Provide your target audience with a safe, simple, and fast-loading app. Include features that make the user’s experience much easier, such as search, push notification, and data caching features. Also, let them be included in app improvements by being able to give feedback. 

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