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App marketing: How to Make Your App Stand Out Without Spending a Fortune?

June 9, 2023 | Mobile App
App marketing: How to Make Your App Stand Out Without Spending a Fortune?

Promoting a mobile app can be like a puzzle game, especially when you have a tight budget. But don’t worry! By using clever tactics and smart moves, you can make your app shine without spending a fortune. The secret lies in using affordable methods that boost your app without emptying your wallet.

So let’s dive in and uncover the exciting ways to get your app out there without breaking the bank!

Here are 6 app marketing strategies to make your app stand out without spending a fortune:

  • Focus on app store optimization (ASO)  
  • Embrace social media  
  • Create a website or a blog  
  • Build an email list  
  • Check out app reviews websites  
  • Consider reaching out to influencers  

1. Focus on App Store Optimization  

Optimizing your app is one of the things to consider when marketing your app. ASO is the SEO of the app store. So, if you know the importance of SEO, you know the importance of ASO, especially when you want to promote your app on a budget.  

The app store listing is the first impression of your app’s potential users. To optimize your listings, you can focus on creating a compelling app title and a detailed description. Also include eye-catching screenshots and videos. Use relevant keywords to help your app appear in search results and showcase your app’s unique features and benefits.

Optimizing your app store listing can increase your app’s visibility, attract more downloads, and improve your app’s success.

2. Embrace Social Media  

As we already know, social media is a powerful business promotion tool. No matter who your target is, they’ll definitely be on social media. Creating an account for your social media app is free, so it’s a smart app marketing method when you’re on a low budget.  

You could use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to connect with your audience and promote the app. You just need time to create and share engaging content to attract users. This content could be blog posts, photos, videos, or infographics. Potential users are already on their devices, so as soon as your app catches their eye, they can install it without much effort.  

3. Create a Website or Blog

A website or a blog is as powerful as social media for promoting a business. A website might cost you when you build it, but it’ll save you a lot of money when promoting your product. Therefore, if you don’t have a website for your mobile app, consider building one as soon as possible.  

By having an online presence through a website, you can showcase your app’s features, benefits, and value proposition. Your website or blog can also provide valuable resources, such as customer support and tutorials, to help users use your app more effectively.

To optimize your website for search engines, incorporate relevant keywords, meta tags, and phrases to your content, and build high-quality backlinks to your site. With a well-designed website or blog, you can effectively market your mobile app without affecting your pocket.  

4. Build an Email List  

Building an email list is another cost-effective marketing strategy. This involves collecting email addresses from interested individuals who subscribed to get emails from you.

To begin, create a landing page on your app’s website, offer something in exchange for their email address, such as a free trial or exclusive content. Once you’ve built your list, you can send regular newsletters or updates to keep subscribers engaged and informed about your app’s features and benefits.

By cultivating audience relationships, you boost app downloads and usage and gain positive reviews and referrals.

5. Check Out App Review Websites  

Review websites are also a good way to market a mobile app on a limited budget. These websites allow users to discover and download new apps and can provide your app with valuable exposure to a wider audience. Submitting your app to these websites for review can help increase its visibility and credibility, leading to more downloads and higher user engagement.

There might be some submission guidelines on those websites, so read them carefully and provide all the necessary information and assets to increase your chances of getting reviewed.  

6. Consider Reaching Out to Influencers

Reaching out to influencers can sometimes be an underrated app marketing strategy. Still, if you want to promote your app as much as possible without spending much money, you should consider it.

Influencers have thousands of followers who might become your potential users any time your app appears on those influencers’ profiles. Different businesses use influencers as social proof marketing since they have loyal followers who love their lifestyles and trust their choices.

Promote your app without going broke!  

Marketing your mobile app on a shoestring budget requires creativity, effort, and persistence. Remember to stay focused on app store optimization, embrace social media, build an email list, check out reviews’ websites, build your website, and partner with influencers. By following these six tips, you can effectively promote your app without going broke and increase your chances of success.  

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