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Does AI Make Us Dumb And Lazy? What Do Developers Think?

August 14, 2023 | Tools we use
Does AI Make Us Dumb And Lazy? What Do Developers Think?

In an era where technology has made big advancements, the rise of AI has stimulated both wonder and worry. AI has profoundly transformed how we live, work, and interact with the world around us. As AI technologies evolve, a growing concern has emerged regarding their potential effects on human cognition and behavior. The skepticism surrounding AI is not uncommon. I, too, was a skeptic when AI tools like ChatGPT first entered public attention. When I first started my job as a content writer, I harbored concerns about the role of AI in creative fields.

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However, I changed my mind after being introduced to a different facet of AI that promised efficiency and productivity rather than undermining human capabilities. Colleagues who had embraced AI technologies shared their experiences, emphasizing how these tools streamlined workflows and saved precious time. Intrigued by their accounts, I overcame my skepticism and explored AI’s potential firsthand.

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But using AI for work or personal tasks doesn’t end the debate of “Will AI make us dumber and lazy.” This debate has gained even more traction with the emergence of powerful AI tools like ChatGPT.

As the AI landscape continues to evolve, the developers at Eagle IT Solutions find themselves at the forefront of these discussions, armed with a nuanced perspective that addresses both the potential benefits and pitfalls of AI integration. Let’s dive deeper and see what our team of developers thinks.

What Do Developers Think?

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“The notion that AI will make programmers lazier is subjective and dependent on how individuals use AI tools” states Ismet, our back-end developer. He emphasizes that it can enhance the programming landscape by automating mundane and repetitive tasks, enabling programmers to channel their efforts toward more intricate and creative aspects of coding. According to him, AI-powered IDEs, code generators, and debuggers can significantly reduce the time it takes to write, review, and debug code. “Programmers who use these tools effectively often find that they can handle more complex tasks and projects, thereby improving their overall productivity” – he says.

However, Ismet cautions not to over-rely on these tools without understanding the principles that could lead to complacency. “It’s important to use AI to enhance productivity and creativity, not as a substitute for learning and understanding the fundamentals of programming,” he warns. Nevertheless, Ismet advises programmers to strike a balance, retaining a profound understanding of the codebase and avoiding overdependence on automation, as this could result in a superficial grasp of the system.

On the other hand, our front-end developer Bojan thinks that AI makes programmers lazy since they use it for daily tasks. “I personally do think that AI will make and has made programmers lazier since they use that on a daily basis and for every task that appears to be solved and not using a lot of thinking and using their knowledge since everybody saw that answers are very reliable and do the job for them.” – he says.

However, he acknowledges the profound impact of AI on productivity. “Yes, it has enhanced productivity a lot, saved time for tasks that needed more thinking and problem-solving.” Like Ismet, Bojan also thinks artificial intelligence tools are very useful, but programmers shouldn’t overuse them since their brain power will become unused, and it could get stuck. So, they should find a balance in using it.
“With the right balance, programmers nowadays have a lot more resources and chances to improve themselves and become better every day and deliver better code/apps” – Bojan says.

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According to Metin, our lead front-end developer, AI’s integration into programming has brought a transformative shift. He believes that AI’s role in programming is undeniably beneficial, as it streamlines tasks and amplifies efficiency. “AI can make things easier for programmers,” Metin asserts, highlighting its potential to expedite project completion. Yet, he acknowledges the potential downside: “However, it may also make people lazy. They might rely too heavily on machines to do their work. This could lead to decreased creativity, innovation, and skills if we’re not careful. AI should be used as a tool, not as a crutch,” he emphasizes, stressing the importance of maintaining human touch.

Even though at first Metin was skeptical about using AI tools for daily tasks, as he thought it might lose his abilities. But then he understood that if used properly, it can increase productivity. “I was initially a little cautious, wondering if I was becoming complacent or had lost sight of my fundamental abilities. But as time passed, I understood that it significantly increased my productivity. Why work on something for hours when a machine can do it in a few minutes? I now have more time to devote to programming’s intricate and imaginative aspects, where I can truly make a difference.” he describes it.

Nevena, our front-end developer, doesn’t see AI as a threat but as a tool that, when used properly, is very useful. This is how she describes it: “Using AI comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it can automate routine jobs and speed up some coding procedures, which can give us more time to concentrate on more imaginative aspects of our work. That doesn’t necessarily mean, though, that we will get lazier. Instead, we might improve our productivity and efficiency. AI can be a useful tool for programmers, but it’s important to remember that the programming field is always changing and necessitates creativity and ongoing learning.”

Nevertheless, she emphasizes the importance of understanding the underlying algorithms and recognizing when human intervention is essential. “Although AI has unequivocally elevated my productivity, I maintain a mindful appreciation for comprehending the underlying algorithms and discerning when human intervention and imaginative deliberation are indispensable,” she says.

The Consensus Among Developers At Eagle IT Solutions

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The consensus among the developers at Eagle IT Solutions seems to be that AI can be both a powerful ally and a potential foe to programmer productivity and creativity. When utilized wisely, AI can automate routine tasks, increase efficiency, and allow programmers to tackle more complex challenges. However, relying too heavily on it without a deep understanding of programming fundamentals may lead to declining creativity, innovation, and critical problem-solving skills.

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