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How time tracking improved our project estimations

July 7, 2022 | Tools we use
Project estimation

We don’t know about you, but time tracking and project estimations are the things we struggled with for a long time.

We know we needed to track our time, but we were always distracted and ended up getting lost in the shuffle. Therefore wecouldn’t get accurate project estimations, and we could not optimize our workflow. Time tracking was affecting our performance and productivity at work, Was affecting our efficiency to meet deadlines, and producing better quality work.

We need a way to keep track of our time and productivity because we are quite often working on several projects at once.

One of our clients requested that our invoices reflect the amount of time each task took to complete. Specifically, they needed us to break down the hours worked on each task by individual employee. Unfortunately, we couldn’t provide this information to our client.

We conducted research to identify the best option for our business. And believe us, finding the perfect time tracking app can be a daunting task. There are many different options available, and it was very difficult to decide which one is right for us. We did a comparative analysis after identifying a few options, and Toggl Track was the winner.


Toggl’s excellent usability is one of the primary factors in our decision to use it (and we kind of loved the design 😛).

Both the time tracking and exporting features are easy to use, and there are many settings and customizations available to support administrators’ work.

The exporting system on Toggl is fantastic. Its features include the ability to view and edit anyone’s timesheet as an admin, custom reports, billable rates, and a graphical timesheet view.

The cost of the software was another important consideration for us. We started using the free version, but as soon as our team reached the 5 free users limit, we upgraded to the paid version.

This is how time tracking has helped us in our performance and project estimations:

  • We know how much time we’ve spent on each task.
  • We can see which tasks are taking the longest and why
  • We can determine which tasks are contributing the most to the overall project
  • We can make better decisions based on data and evidence and better project estimations
  • We can now allocate resources and establish work schedules that are more manageable and much more effective.
  • It forced us to be accountable for our time and to be honest with ourselves.
  • It has improved our engagement and motivation

Time tracking has boosted our performance and productivity by ensuring we complete tasks before deadlines. This gives us valuable feedback and provides managers with accurate data needed to assess and track efficiency within teams. Each one of us benefits from knowing exactly how long each task takes making us aware of potential problems in our workflow.

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