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How to Find a Domain Name For a Website?

March 7, 2023 | Website
How to Find a Domain Name For a Website?

Are you starting a website, a blog, or a business online? Then you probably are struggling to come up with a good domain name idea. The internet is becoming very crowded, and finding a good and short domain name for a website relevant to your business is hard. However, you don’t have to worry about it. There are many methods for finding domain names for a website, and in this article, we’ll discuss some of them. But before we go any further and look for domain name generators on the internet, let’s shortly see what to do when searching for one. 

The first thing to do is choose the domain extension. A domain extension follows the domain name in a web address, e.g., “.com.”. There are many domain extensions to choose from, and you should select the one that best suits your website’s purpose. For example, if you’re in the media business, you might want to use the “.info” extension, or if you’re an online business, you could use the “.biz” extension. However, “.com” is still the most popular and used, so you might want to go with that.  

Once you’ve chosen your extension to go, you should choose a keyword you want on your domain name. For example, if you’re in the media business, your main keyword can be “media.” With that keyword, you can search for available domain names matching your website and business. But where to search? 

Here are 7 domain generators where you can find a domain name for a website: 

  • GoDaddy 
  • Nameboy 
  • Domain Name 
  • Network Solutions 
  • Shopify business name generator 
  • Lean domain search 
  • Domain wheel 

1. GoDaddy 

GoDaddy is one of the internet’s largest and most popular name registrars. What makes it so popular is the ease of user experience. There’s just one search bar where people can write their keywords and find the perfect domain name. Another thing that makes GoDaddy a popular domain name generator is that it allows you to secure the domain name, so someone else doesn’t snap up your chosen name immediately. 

2. Nameboy 

Nameboy is also a popular and well-respected domain name generator. It is also very easy to use. All you need to do is enter your website’s keyword and wait for it to generate many clever and interesting domain name ideas. In this name generator, the emphasis is the “.com” extension. So, if you’re looking for a domain name followed by a dot com suffix, Nameboy is the right place to search for a domain name. 

3. Domain.com 

Domain.com has a built-in domain generator. You may locate and register all top-level domain extensions using their tool. You can search for a keyword you want your domain name to have, and it will give you a lot of options, as well as the prices of each.  Moreover, their system aids in locating fresh domain names that are readily available for registration. They also display to you for sale brandable premium domains that correspond to your search terms. 

4. Network Solutions 

Network Solutions is another significant domain name generator. You may find a domain for your company using their quick domain name-generating service. Simply type your keyword into the search bar, and their algorithm will identify available domain names that match your search term. It will display “.com” domains and also other extensions such as “.net,” “.biz,” “.org,” etc. 

5. Shopify Business Name Generator 

Shopify is one of the most used e-commerce platforms, making its domain name generator perfect for online stores. Even if you don’t intend to use Shopify to establish an online store, you can still use its generator to generate memorable and simple-to-search names for free. Even though the domain name generator on Shopify doesn’t provide as many alternatives as others, you can still enter one keyword or more to see a list of available domain names and extensions. 

6. Lean Domain Search 

Lean Domain Search is also a popular name generator where you can find domain names for your website. It’s also easy to use and offers a lot of domain names, followed by the “.com” extension. Something that sets Lean Domain Search apart from other domain name generators is that Lean Domain Search also examines a domain name’s length to determine whether it would be useful as a Twitter handle. The ability to check for social network usernames is a useful option for anyone who wants to have an active presence on Twitter. 

7. Domain Wheel 

Domain Wheel is another great domain name generator that might help you come up with good domain name suggestions. Additionally, they blend their search with other random suggestions, names that rhyme with your search, sound similar to your search, and others. Domain Wheel distinguishes itself from all other domain name generators available today because it has a guided AI tool. 


Finding a domain name for your website doesn’t have to be complicated. With a little creativity and the help of these popular and easy-to-use domain name generators, it will be an easy process. And once you find a domain name that matches your brand, it’s time to choose the domain name that will be perfect for your website. 

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