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How To Test a Mobile App Idea?

October 13, 2022 | Mobile App
how to test a mobile app idea

You managed to find the perfect mobile app idea; of course, you can’t wait to develop it. But first, you need to test it, right? It’s a good idea! Because you don’t want to spend time, effort, and money on an app that might not work, testing a mobile app idea is a smart move.

Here are some steps on how to test a mobile app idea:

  • Test a mobile app idea by starting with the problem
  • Browse app stores and look at what’s trending
  • Talk to people, ask potential users
  • To test a mobile app idea, create a minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Build your brand identity
how to test a mobile app idea

1. Test a Mobile App Idea by Starting With the Problem

If you want to know how to test your app idea, the best way is to start with the problem. You need to define not only what problems you are trying to solve but also if that problem is worth solving.

Do research to see if your targeted audience needs to solve the problem you have in your mind.

2. Browse App Stores and Look at What’s Trending

To know if your idea is worth implementing, you need to know what is out there and be ahead of the trends. This strategy can help you understand better what the market needs. But also, it is helpful to find potential competitors and to see how their sources are growing.

Give attention to the comments on apps too, it may help you improve your app. If your target audience matches with some of the existing apps on the store, this method can be beneficial.

3. Talk to People, Ask Potential Users

Now that you understand your competitive environment well, you probably want to get back to your potential users. Try keeping in touch with people. Identify your target audience with the same pain points as the ones you want to solve and ask them their opinion about your app idea.

You can do this easily using social media networks or question poll methods.

To have more information on how your app idea would’ve worked, you can also ask them if they can solve their problems with the current solutions on the market.

4. To Test a Mobile App Idea, Create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

After completing the three phases, you probably have a clear target audience and know how significant that audience might be. But if you still want to test your mobile app idea before full development, you can create a minimum viable product.

Minimum viable product is a term that refers to a product with just enough features to attract early customers and test an app while it’s still developing.

This product is fully functional and is used to test a mobile app idea with real users before losing time and effort on the full development of that idea.

You can use this product to improve your app too.

5. Build Your Brand Identity

Once you’re finished with creating and using MVP, you need to build your brand identity. That is how you want to be perceived by your customers. Of course your identity says a lot about your app.

Building a brand identity for yourself should be the next important step. Your name, logo, and products help people know if your app is appealing enough to interact with.

Make your dream come true!

Now that you have solved the problem, know what the market needs, identified your potential users, got feedback from them, and followed all the steps on how to test a mobile app, you should feel confident to continue with your dream, and that is starting to develop your app idea.

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