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Most Popular Email Providers for a Business

March 10, 2023 | Uncategorized
Most Popular Email Providers for a Business

Although social media is very popular nowadays, and it’s becoming a strong marketing tool for many businesses, it still doesn’t overcome the importance of emails. Emails are still a key driver for customer acquisition. Many small and mid-sized businesses depend on emails as their channel to directly reach and impact existing and potential customers. 

Businesses send and receive thousands of emails daily, managing them is not easy. Your business email contains your brand name in the domain, so the credibility of your business many times depends on those emails. That’s the reason why you need a good email hosting service. 

There are many email providers for a business, but some offer more value than others. So how to know which is the best? In this article, we’ll talk about the most popular email hosting services so you can make an informed decision. 

Here are the most popular email providers for a business: 

  • Microsoft 365 
  • Google Workspace 
  • Zoho mail 
  • Dream Host 
  • GoDaddy 
  • Amazon work mail 
  • IONOS 

1. Microsoft 365 

Microsoft 365 is one of the best email providers for a business that needs more storage and to send and receive larger attachments. It offers you the ability to send files up to 150MB and provides 100 GGB storage to store your emails with formats and images. It also offers you customized emails with your domain name and images.

With Microsoft 365, you can access your emails, contacts, and shared calendar from any device, whether mobile or computer, wherever you are. It’s also one of the email host services that give you the best anti-malware and anti-spam protection, so they’re protected from cybercrimes. Even when you lose your phone with confidential business data, Microsoft lets you delete those emails remotely and keep your information safe. 

2. Google Workspace 

With google workspace, you can create a professional email address with the Gmail we all know. It’s one of the top providers when it comes to storage. Gmail’s plan has a storage of 30GB per user, which is considered enough for an average person. However, you can purchase more GB with a premium plan. 

With Google Workspace, you can create email addresses for your company with your domain name and build customer trust. It provides you with fast, easy, and reliable communication. But not only that, but it also provides you with advanced tools such as video conferencing, docs, shared calendars, and sheets. It’s best for teams who want to collaborate on tasks. Google workspace also offers real-time communication tools for chatting and video conferencing. It also has solid security features and protects your data and device. It can also back up your data, so you have full control of your emails. 

3. Zoho Mail 

Zoho is also one of the most popular email providers for business. Along with guaranteed privacy, it can also offer you secure and ad-free hosting. With this email hosting, you may improve security against spam and malware. It offers expert email addresses to increase the credibility and visibility of your brand. You may make all the settings, customizations, and configurations using Zoho’s robust and user-friendly control panel. You can do several things easily, including adding users, setting up policies, managing group names, etc. Keep your emails around for a while to protect yourself from legal challenges. It also provides e-Discovery, so you can quickly find your saved emails. Even though it has small storage of 5GB, it’s still a good option for start-ups and small businesses. 

4. Dream Host 

Dream Host is known as the best for businesses that need many email addresses for staff members. It’s a web hosting company with a wide range of products advised by WordPress. Even though it’s just for the first year, Dream Host offers a free domain. Its advantages include a huge storage capacity and a cost-effective plan offering limitless emails with 25GB of storage apiece. Dream Host offers a free automated inbound spam filter to protect your mailbox from phishing scams, viruses, and other internet hazards. The hosting package also comes with a built-in, ad-free Webmail. In addition, Dream Host is a great option to select for small enterprises with a larger workforce. 

5. GoDaddy 

GoDaddy provides easy-to-use features such as a webmail portal, calendar, tasks, and contacts. It works very well on different devices such as computers and mobile phones. To give you a clean inbox, GoDaddy includes an industry-standard spam filter. With its anti-virus filters, GoDaddy can also stop more than 300 million potentially harmful emails daily. The highest level of protection is provided by combining automatic threat monitors, advanced data analytics, and a dedicated staff of security professionals. It has email storage of 10GB in the individual plan and 25GB email storage in the team plan. 

6. Amazon WorkMail 

In addition to compatibility with the pre-existing desktop and mobile email client applications, Amazon WorkMail provides a safe and simple-to-manage business email solution. Using the client apps of your choice, such as Outlook and other native Android or iOS email apps that support the IMAP protocol, you can easily access your emails, calendars, and contacts. You can also use your chosen web browser to access them. Amazon WorkMail allows you to encrypt data and provides high-level security. With Amazon WorkMail, you can manage your emails how you want since it gives you full control of them. 


Web host IONOS provides high-quality business email for only  $1 per month. Despite having simple features, the pricing is unbeatable. Any web browser can use IONOS’ user-friendly web-based mail interface, and you can quickly link your email address to your preferred email program. Even though it has a very small storage of 2GB on its base plan, it is still a great option for businesses looking for easy ways to get a free domain name with a business email. Also, it’s a good choice for small businesses on a budget since it’s one of the cheapest email providers. 

Final Thoughts 

Business emails not only provide your company with a professional touch, but they also increase brand awareness. With the email hosting services mentioned above, you can easily handle your emails, secure your data, and win the trust of your clients. 

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