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Should I Consider Hiring Someone to Build An App? 

November 15, 2022 | Mobile App
should I hire someone to build my mobile app

Should I consider hiring someone to build an app? This is a question that asks everyone who is planning to develop an app.  

Of course, everyone would want to build the best app out there. But can you build it with your team, or should you hire a freelancer or an app development company? There’s no wrong answer to these questions.  

There are pros and cons to each scenario. But there are a few things that every startup founder should know before deciding whether to consider hiring someone or to build an app in-house.  

Here are 2 questions you should answer and decide if you should consider hiring someone to build an app:  

  • Why should you build your mobile app in-house?  
  • Why should you consider hiring an app agency to build an app?

1. Why Should You Build Your Mobile App In-House?  

Building your mobile app in-house means working with your internal team of experts in your company. Your employees carry on all the work without outside help. But to build an app in-house, you need a dedicated team with expertise.  

It requires understanding the specific needs and proper research to have a committed team. And if you already have that but still have doubts, here’s why you should build your app in-house:  

Complete control of your team and better communication  

Since your internal team will be available at your fingertips, you’ll be able to supervise the process and observe the work progress. Furthermore, you can train your team in the direction you want, according to your company’s goals.  

Face-to-face communication always works for the better. When you build your app in-house, you can have a better comprehension with your team because you speak the same language. It’s much easier to introduce changes to the project, eliminate errors, and speed up the implementation process.  

Company knowledge vs. time-consuming learning part  

No mobile app agency knows your organization better than your internal team. Your team better understands your company’s politics, target audience, goals, history, and competitors. Of course, these insights can be passed to a mobile app agency, but it will need time and good collaboration.  

The app agency needs to learn about your customers, brand, goals, and visions for the app you want to build, which requires more time. Also, it will take time and effort for you and the app agency to get on the same page and move in a direction that will serve both parties.  

Flexible work environment  

One of the best advantages of building an app in-house is the flexibility you have in the work environment. The team is geographically located in the same place, so they are accessible, and the work is more effective.  

A flexible team can make quick changes if needed. They don’t need to re-adjust their working schedule because they all work on only one project simultaneously. Even if they work on multiple projects at a time, they work for the same company.  

Faster Sign-Off & Approvals  

Although it’s not always the case, approvals and signoffs happen faster when everyone involved in the development process is at the same physical location. The organization’s schedules can be synced, making finding time for reviews and feedback easier. Additionally, you can chat quickly about design and other things during lunch or coffee breaks.  

Signoffs can happen quickly when you work with a mobile agency but require more commitment from both sides. See what time is best for both your company and the agency to discuss approvals. 

Now that you know the benefits of developing your mobile app in-house let’s move forward and see why you should hire a mobile app agency to build your app.  

2. Why Should You Consider Hiring a Mobile App Agency to Build an App?  

Hiring someone other than your team to develop an app means outsourcing app development to another team outside your company. Hiring a mobile app agency to build your app can be beneficial. They are experts in the app development field, and their expertise can help you build the app you have always dreamt of.  

Here’s why you should hire a mobile app agency to build your app:  

Increased efficiency   

Nowadays, there is a large pool of talent in app development. When hiring external experts in app development, you can start working on your project immediately. You don’t need to spend time training your team, so you greatly accelerate the development process. Also, when you hire a mobile app agency, you’ll have a specialist for every situation.  

Team Chemistry  

Even though you might train your team to develop an app, you might need some external help throughout the development process. And in this case, when you bring someone new in the middle of the process, it will take time until they get on the same page and learn each other’s weaknesses and strengths.  

So, hiring a mobile app agency can be a smart choice. They have a team of designers, developers, product managers, and quality assurance engineers working together on multiple projects. They know each other, which helps build team chemistry.  

Mix Of Backgrounds  

A team specializing in mobile app development has a better understanding than a generalist. A mobile app agency uses many strategies to understand better the app requirements, priority features, and primary goals. They know all about the latest trends and how to work with them.  

Reduced costs  

Hiring a mobile app agency means more savings. They don’t require you to use your tools or office space. They are equipped with infrastructure.  

Also, you may scale your project up or down based on your budget and demands once you’ve hired a crew and paid them when needed. Additionally, if necessary, you can switch the team for one that charges a lower fee.  

Time to decide!  

When you compare which is better, to build it yourself or hire an external team, you should see what’s best for you. Hiring someone for a one-time build might be more affordable and risk-free; however, building a scalable product that needs to be regularly updated, building it in-house might make more sense in the long run. 

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