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Lost dresses meant wasted staff time and frustrated customers. Orchidee Inventory, a user-friendly system with location tracking, eliminated the chaos. Now staff find dresses in seconds, real-time availability keeps customers happy, and everyone can focus on the joy of fashion.

Web App.

Technologies we used: Laravel Framework, Ionic, Pusher

  • Objective
    EAGLE, known for crafting innovative solutions, partnered with Lieferwagen Mieten Zurich to tackle this challenge. We understood the need for a platform that offered flexibility and convenience for short-term rentals.
  • Approach
    The platform uses web technologies for smooth booking experiences, incorporating features like real-time availability checks, online payment processing, and optional add-ons such as insurance.
  • Impact
    Real-time availability checks, instant bookings, and online payments have likely led to a surge in user satisfaction and bookings, fulfilling the need for a more adaptable van rental service in Zurich.


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