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How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Business?

March 2, 2023 | Website
How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Business?

Choosing the right domain name is important when you want to establish your business or company because people will find and remember you through a domain name. Millions of domain names are out there, but you need a customized and unique domain name to stand out. When you present your online business to someone, the domain name is the first thing they see, which could be the first impression. A unique domain name could increase user interest, drive more traffic to your website and even boost your SEO. 

Even though choosing a domain name is not a science and doesn’t require special knowledge, there are some rules and steps to get the best domain name for your business. 

Here are some steps on how to choose a domain name for your business: 

  • Decide on the domain extension 
  •  Keep it short
  • Make it easy to pronounce
  •  Avoid hyphens and numbers 
  •  Stay unique and have a story 
  •  Use keywords 
  •  Research domain name 

1. Decide on the Domain Extension 

A domain extension, also referred to as a top-level domain (TLD), is the suffix that comes after the domain name in a web address. An example of a domain extension is “.com,” which also is the most popular and used domain extension. 

In addition, domain extensions are very important when you choose a domain name for your website. Except for the more popular ones, you can use other domain extensions, but make sure not to look unprofessional and unreliable. There are some things you need to take into consideration when you decide on a domain extension, such as: 

  • The purpose of your site 

This might be the most important to consider when choosing a suffix following your domain name. You should consider what your website is for and decide on the domain extensions. For example, if you want a website for an online store, you could go with .com or .biz. If your business is an organization, you could choose .org; if you’re in education, you could go with .edu; and if your business is a media or information website, you could choose .info.

  • Local domain extensions 

When you choose a domain extension, you could also target a geographical area you’re in. Many countries have a top-level domain; you could find something that matches your requirements. For example, Eagle IT Solutions uses .mk since our office location is in North Macedonia. The most common local TLDs are .us (USA), .uk (United Kingdom), and .ca (Canada). 

  • SEO 

Another thing to consider when choosing a domain extension is search engine optimization (SEO). If you wish to rank high in Google, you need a good domain extension. An example of a good extension to rank high is .com, but this is only because it’s the most popular one. 

2. Keep it Short 

When it comes to the length of a domain name, the shorter, the better. If a domain name is very long, people won’t remember it, so it could lead to less traffic on your website. As we’ve mentioned above, millions of domain names are out there, and the short ones were probably taken a long time ago. So it’s difficult to find one since they’re very expensive. However, if you can’t find a short name, find something to make it brandable. 

3. Make it Easy to Pronounce 

As we said, a short domain name is what you need. But that doesn’t mean that it could be short and complex. It should be as simple as it can be. Choose a simple name because it will be a waste if people can’t spell and pronounce it. A simple and easy-to-pronounce name makes it easier for people to share your domain name by word of mouth, and it will be easier for you to share it with your friends without leading them to another website. 

4. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers 

When you choose a domain name for your business, stick to the letters. Remember what we said above, make your domain name easy to spell and pronounce. Hyphens and numbers make it difficult to keep it simple, so avoid them. Numbers can make a name difficult to remember, while hyphens can make a domain name difficult to find.

If you put hyphens in your domain name, people can mistype it or forget to put the hyphens, and you could do a favor to another website with the same name but without hyphens in their domain name. You wouldn’t want to drive people to other websites. Also, making a memorable brand with hyphens in your domain name will be difficult. If Facebook was Face-book instead, it probably wouldn’t get the attention it got. 

5. Stay Unique and Have a Story

If you want to stand out from the competition in your niche, stay unique when choosing a domain name. It can be difficult to find a domain name that is clear, concise, unique, and brandable, but if you keep your business purpose in mind, you can come up with a good name. How to do that? Enter your imagination and go where you want to achieve with your business and this domain name.

Imagine you’re in a place where you’re very famous, and your business is at the top, and people ask you how you came up with this brand name. What could be your answer? Does your brand have a story, or is it just random? Are you proud that you chose that name? Or are you ashamed? Think about this and get back to choosing a domain name point. You’ll probably have a story and a name for your business now. 

6. Use Keywords 

Do some keyword research to guide your domain name without going overboard. Keep in mind, you need something short, simple, and interesting. 

When you concentrate on keywords, your brand and domain name will help your SEO. To have a chance of ranking, seek low- to medium-competition keywords as you come up with ideas, and make sure the keywords accurately describe your company. 

7. Research Domain Name 

Along with the keyword research, research the domain name you’ve chosen before going forward. Check if the name is available on social media sites and see if it’s not trademarked or used. Ensure you have chosen a unique domain name. You don’t want to deal with legal troubles, so stay away from the names that already have trademarks. 

Think about the future! 

Your domain name offers to leave a good first impression. If you follow the right rules and strategies to find a good domain name, you’ll have a unique name. Remember, keep it short and simple, unique and interesting. Think about the future of your business and website. 

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